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SOAP API Web Service

The Intrix SOAP Web Service API is a programatic interface to which requests can be submitted for transaction processing or other functions that the Intrix Payment Gateway can perform.  Applications integrating to the Intrix Payment Gateway will compose SOAP messages and send those to the Intrix Web Service.

This guide contains the specifications for communicating with the Intrix SOAP API Web Service, and includes sample code for requests and sample responses for most common operations.

Hosted Payment Pages

The Intrix Hosted Payment Pages solution is a means for an integrator to collect and submit payment information without having a page that accepts credit card data. Using this interface, the requesting application displays a page from Intrix's site within a window, and the Intrix system collects the data.

This guide contains the specifications for calling the Intrix iFrame Hosted Page interface, information on how to create the iFrame in a window, and includes sample code for requests and sample responses.

Integration Planning Guide

The Intrix Integration Planning Guide provides vital information when planning an integration to the Intrix Gateway. It provides guidance on what aspects of an integration should use the Hosted Payment Pages versus what should use the SOAP API when using the hybrid integration approach. The hybrid approach minimizes the PCI exposure of your application or website.